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Unlinking a Squarespace 7 site from Squarespace 5

This guide shows you how to unlink billing for your Squarespace 5 site if you ever linked it to Squarespace 5 billing before your site upgraded to Squarespace 7.

Note: After you unlink a Squarespace 5 site, you can’t re-link it to any other sites, including the site it was originally linked to.

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Step 1 - Unlink billing

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Unlink Website, click Unlink Squarespace 5 Website Billing. Then click Unlink Website in the warning message to confirm.

Step 2 - Upgrade to paid service

Note: After unlinking your Squarespace 5 account, your Squarespace 7 site will immediately revert to trial status. It will expire in 14 days if you don't upgrade to a paid hosting plan.

To keep your site public and to access all Squarespace 7 features, upgrade to paid service and publish your site.

Step 3 - Cancel Squarespace 5 billing (optional)

When you're ready to exclusively use your Squarespace 7 site, cancel your Squarespace 5 billing to avoid paying for two sites simultaneously.

  1. Log into your Squarespace 5 site and click Website Management, then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Cancel Account, then enter your password.
  3. Confirm by entering the word "CANCEL" and clicking Cancel Account

For more details, visit Cancelling service.

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Unlinking a Squarespace 7 site from Squarespace 5