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Managing multiple sites

You can manage multiple sites from a single Squarespace account. Each one has its own billing subscription. This guide shows how to start a new site, switch between your sites, and set up billing.

Note: Each website, store, or domain parking page you create is paid for separately. We don't offer multi-site plans or discounts. For more information, visit our Pricing page.
Note: Sites are separate from domains. To learn more about using multiple domains in your Squarespace account, visit Managing multiple domains

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Pay for multiple sites

While you can log into and manage multiple sites using the same email address and password, keep in mind that:

  • You'll pay for each site separately.
  • You can subscribe with different credit cards.
  • You can have your sites on different plans and billing cycles.
  • We don't currently offer discounts or plans for multiple sites.
  • Each new site starts as a trial.

Get access to another site

To request login access to someone's existing Squarespace site, ask them to invite you as a contributor. Once you receive the invitation email, accept it and log in.

Add a new site to your account

  1. Log into a Squarespace site. In the Home Menu, scroll down and click your avatar.

  1. In the top-right corner of the Account Dashboard, click Create a Site.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Click Start with [template name] to start your new trial. 
  4. Your new trial site will open, and you can start adding content.
Tip: When you're ready to publish your site, upgrade to paid service. If you started with a domain, start a trial when you're ready to start building your site.

Transfer multiple sites to the same account

If you run multiple sites using different Squarespace accounts, you can centralize ownership to a single account. This lets you access all of your sites using the same login. Follow these steps for each site you want to transfer.

  1. Decide which Squarespace account will be the central owner of all your sites.
  2. Invite that account as a contributor to the site you'd like to transfer.
  3. Accept the invitation.
  4. Log back into the current site owner account to transfer site ownership.
  5. Repeat these steps for each site you'd like to transfer.

Switch between sites

To switch between sites while logged in:

  1. Click your avatar at the bottom of the Home Menu.

  1. Your Account Dashboard displays all sites and domains connected to your profile.
  2. Under Websites, you'll see each site's thumbnail image, title, connected domains, and account status.
  3. Browse for the site you need. Click a site's thumbnail to open it in the same browser tab. 
Tip: Click Domains to view all domains connected to your profile. Click a domain's thumbnail to open its connected site in the same browser tab.

Delete a site

As an Admin, you can remove expired or trial sites connected to your account.

Join the Circle community

If you're a contributor to at least three Squarespace websites, learn about Squarespace Circle, our professional user program.

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Managing multiple sites