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Can I duplicate a Squarespace site?

Currently, only Squarespace Circle members can duplicate sites. If you're not a Circle member, you can duplicate pages within your current site or create a new site within your Squarespace account.

Duplicate a page

If you want to test edits to a page without affecting your existing content, it may help to duplicate the page. This way, you can work with the same layout and blocks as the original page.

To learn more, visit Duplicating a page.

Create a new site

If you prefer to start fresh but you still need your current site, you can add a new trial site to your account. Your current site stays active while you build a new site.

To learn more, visit Managing multiple sites.

Note: Squarespace doesn't support exporting your original site and then importing it into the new trial site, but you can import products from a previous Squarespace site.

Start over

If you don’t need your current site, you can delete content and reset style settings to start over. Your options depend on your version.

To learn more, visit Starting over.

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Can I duplicate a Squarespace site?