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Brine site footer

The Brine family has multiple templates, which share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.


The footer is often where visitors look first for important information such as contact details, FAQ, terms of service, and return policies.

The footer in the Brine family has multiple customization options to help your visitors quickly get the answers they need, including:

Tip: To experiment on your own, scroll to the bottom of your site and click the Edit annotations.

Before you begin

  • The footer is site-wide, meaning the same footer content displays on all pages.
  • Your site layout sets the width of the footer.
  • To adjust the space at the top of the footer, use the Padding tweak in the Footer section of Site Styles.
  • For general information, visit Editing footers.

Add navigation links

To add navigation links to your footer:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Add pages or links to the Footer Navigation section.


Add contact information

To add or adjust your business name, contact details, and business hours:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Business Information.
  3. Update the Physical Location and Business Hours fields.
  4. Click Save.

If the information isn't displaying on your site:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  2. Scroll to the Footer: Business section.
  3. Check Show Business Info and Show Business Hours
  4. Save and refresh.


  • Use the tweaks in the Footer: Business section to adjust the fonts and colors.
  • For the Name Color and Info Color tweaks, you may need to adjust the transparency to make the business information text visible.
  • Set the layout to choose where the information displays.
  • To add other types of information, add it to the content areas.

Add your own content

The blocks areas are a great place for important text, such as a copyright date, or adding social media links with a Social Links Block.

Hover over the footer blocks areas and click the Edit annotations to customize it with blocks. One option would be to add a Text Block with your copyright information.

  • Use the tweaks in the Footer Content: Colors section to adjust the text colors. The fonts use the styles set in the Content: Fonts section.
  • These areas follow the site's content inset. For example, single-column text can be inset on either side, but image blocks display at the site width.
  • Set the layout to choose where the blocks areas display.
  • Depending on your template's demo content, your blocks areas may contain a Social Links Block or Newsletter Block. Delete the blocks to remove them.


Choose a layout

To set your footer's layout:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  2. Scroll down to the Footer section.
  3. Click the Layout tweak and choose a layout.

There are two layout options: columns or stacked.

Layout: Columns

In this layout, the business information, navigation, and one of the blocks areas display horizontally, with a blocks area above and below.

  • To set the column widths manually, uncheck Auto Width Columns in the Footer section. Then use the Width tweaks in the Footer: Business and Footer: Navigation sections.
  • Folders create their own columns, and the folder's title becomes a header. Learn more.


Layout: Stacked

In this layout, the business information area and navigation area stack vertically, with blocks areas above, below, and between.

  • Use the Alignment tweak to align the business information and navigation areas. Blocks areas are always centered.
  • Folders don't create drop-down menus. Learn more.


Folder display

Folders and Indexes in the Footer Navigation can display in one of two ways, depending on which layout option you choose:

  • Layout: Columns - Each folder creates its own column. The folder title appears as a non-clickable header with the sub-page links below. This is a great way to break footer links into categories to help your visitors navigate to what they need as quickly as possible. 
  • Layout: Stacked - Folder titles don't display. All sub-pages links display horizontally.


  • Style the fonts and colors of navigation and folder headings with the Footer: Navigation section of Site Styles.
  • Links for Index sub-pages take you to their direct URLs, not the Index Page. To link to your main Index Page, use a content link. To link to a section in the Index, use an Index anchor link.
  • Unlike some other templates, footer folders in this family don't create drop-down menus.

Layout: Columns


Layout: Stacked


Hide the footer 

The footer is site-wide, meaning the same footer content displays on all pages. To hide the footer:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  2. Scroll to the Footer section.
  3. Uncheck the Show Footer tweak.

To hide specific areas, remove their content. For example, to hide the navigation links, move all the pages out of the Footer Navigation section in the Pages panel.

Tip: To create a standalone page that doesn't display the footer, add a Cover Page.

Background color

To set the background color:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  2. Scroll to the Footer section.
  3. Change the Background Color tweak.

For best results, use a fully opaque color. Transparent colors may appear different on different pages.

Tip: Learn about your site's other background color options


Your footer stacks vertically on mobile devices and narrow browsers.

  • Footer navigation displays on the page, not in a navigation bar.
  • In the Columns layout, the business information, navigation links, and middle blocks area are slightly indented. If the browser is wide enough (for example, in landscape orientation), they'll display horizontally.
  • To preview your mobile footer, use Device View.
  • Learn more about your mobile site.


You may find these troubleshooting tips helpful:

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