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The wrong information is showing in social posts

If the wrong information displays when you post to social media, it's most likely because the social network is sharing an older version of the page. In most cases, you can resolve this by telling the social network to fetch the most updated version. 

Before you begin

The content social networks display depends on the social network, the type of content you share, and how you share it. It's a good idea to read about what's expected before you start troubleshooting. To learn more, visit Which images display in social posts and What text displays in social posts


If Facebook doesn't show the correct information, it could be an issue with the image size, or because Facebook needs to clear its cache. You can usually fix this with Facebook's Debugger tool. To learn more, visit Troubleshooting Facebook sharing issues


If a LinkedIn post displays outdated content, use LinkedIn's Post Inspector to ensure it's fetching the most up-to-date version of your site. 

Note: If you have a site-wide password or a page password on your homepage, remove it for this process. You can re-add it after the correct image appears.
  1. Open LinkedIn's Post Inspector.
  2. Add the URL you want to share and click Inspect. If you have multiple custom domains, use your primary domain.
  3. Scroll down to review the preview image and see more detailed information about the URL.
  4. If you don't see the correct content, review any warnings and edit your site, if needed.
  5. After editing, add the URL to the Post Inspector to check it again. 

If you make changes to your site, share the content to LinkedIn again. The Post Inspector doesn't update content previously pushed to LinkedIn. 



If a tweet displays outdated content, enter the URL into Twitter's Card Validator. This tells Twitter to fetch the most updated version of the page and shows a preview of the tweet.


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The wrong information is showing in social posts