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Customer Account emails

Once you enable Customer Accounts, you can customize your Welcome and password reset emails to match your store’s unique brand. You can customize the subject, title, and message body of each email to provide additional information and suit your business's needs.

There are three customer account-related emails:

  • Welcome - Sent automatically when a customer creates an account.
  • Reset Password - Sent automatically when a customer clicks the Forgot password? link and requests a reset email. Reset password links expire after 24 hours.
  • Password Updated - Sent automatically after a customer updates their password.
Tip: You can create a custom header and footer for all of these emails. We also recommending reviewing your from and reply-to addresses.

Step 1 - Go to Notifications

In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Customer Notifications.


Step 2 - Select the email to edit

In the Customer Notifications panel, select which email you want to edit: Welcome, Reset Password, or Password Updated.


Step 3 - Edit the subject line, title, and message

A new panel will open, where you can customize most of the default email content. You can edit the subject line, title, and message. This example uses the Welcome email, but the process is identical for the other emails.

Tip: You can use the %s variable to display your site title.

As you make changes, a preview of a live email populates to the right.

  • Subject Line - You can customize the default subject line.
  • Title - Use a combination of custom text and the variables below to customize the main header of the email.
  • Message - Use text, HTML, and JSON variables to customize the body of the email. 


Use JSON variables in the email content

When customizing these emails, regular text will cover most needs. There are also variables included in the default email content that you can use to automatically populate information about your site or customer.

In the Subject Line and Title fields, you can use %s variables to display the title of your site.

In the Message field, you can use these variables by placing them inside curly brackets, for example {customer.firstName}:

resetPasswordURL A reset password link, which is unique to each Reset Password email. This links expires after 24 hours.
Note: This variable is required for Reset Password emails. Otherwise the customer can’t reset their password.
customer.firstName The first name the customer entered when creating their account
website.siteTitle Your site title

When you're finished making changes, click Save.

Send a test email

To see how an email appears in your inbox, you can send yourself a test email by clicking Send Test Email To

Restore to defaults

To reset the changes you've made, scroll down in the panel and click Restore Defaults. Use caution, as this process can't be reversed.

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