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Connecting Dropbox to Squarespace

Dropbox is a file hosting service. If you use Dropbox to store and manage photos, connect your account to publish those images to your Gallery Pages. This guide explores how to sync a Dropbox folder with your site. 

This information applies to version 7.0. Sites on version 7.1 can't connect to Dropbox because they use gallery sections instead of Gallery Pages. 

Step 1 - Connect your Dropbox account

So autorisierst du dein Konto: 

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Klicken Sie auf Connected Accounts (Verbundene Konten).
  3. Klicken Sie auf Connect Account (Konto verbinden).
  4. Select Dropbox from the Social Accounts menu. 
  5. Log in using your Dropbox username and password.
  6. Klicken Sie auf Zulassen.

Step 2 - Create Dropbox folders

To publish content from your Dropbox:

  1. Log into your Dropbox account.
  2. In the folder called /Apps/Squarespace/, create a folder using your Account ID as the name. Your Account ID is the first part of your built-in domain before .squarespace.com. This folder will be the home for all content pushing from Dropbox to Squarespace.
  3. In the folder called /Apps/Squarespace/accountid/, create a new folder for each Gallery Page you want to create on your site. The title of each folder becomes the title of the Gallery Page on your site.
  4. Add all of the images you want to sync to your Gallery Pages now. You can add more later.

File formatting

Only .png, .jpg, and .gif file types are supported. To prevent specific images or unsupported file types (like a video) from appearing on your site, add an underscore (_) before the filename in Dropbox.

Step 3 - Publish your new pages

After setting up your Dropbox folders, the last step is to sync them so they appear on your site:

  1. Return to the Connected Accounts panel.
  2. Under Dropbox, click Publish to Squarespace to sync your Dropbox images.
  3. The new Gallery Pages will appear in the Not Linked section, along with their images.
Tip: You may need to refresh your browser to see the new pages.
  1. Drag and drop these pages to other sections so they appear in your navigation menus.

Sync Dropbox again to see changes

When you first connect Dropbox to Squarespace, it publishes all images added to the folder. If you ever make changes to the folder, like add or remove images, you'll need to sync again to see the changes on your site.

To sync your files:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Connected Accounts.
  2. Under Dropbox, click Publish to Squarespace.

Any changes you made to your Dropbox folders will appear in your site. If you delete any folder or content in this directory, it will also be deleted on your site.

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Connecting Dropbox to Squarespace