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Use Album Pages to add an album of audio files to your website.

Album Pages are only available in version 7.0. To add audio for visitors to listen to in version 7.1, use Audio Blocks or SoundCloud Blocks.

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Add an Album Page

To add an Album Page:

  1. Klicken Sie im Hauptmenü auf Seiten und dann auf das Pluszeichen.
  2. Select Album from the pages menu.
  3. Geben Sie den Seitennamen ein. Sie können den Namen später noch ändern.

Um mehr zu erfahren, gehe auf Seiten zur Navigation hinzufügen.

Set up your album

Click the page title in your Pages panel to open the Album panel.

Add album art

In the Add Album Art box, drag your image into the image uploader. You can also click the image uploader to open a file selection menu and select a file from your computer.

You can upload a .jpg, .png, or .gif file.

Add a title and artist name

Under Album Info, enter the artist name in the Artist Name box.

The page title appears by default in the Album Title box, but you can change it as needed. Changing the album title won't change the page title.

Add a description

Enter a description of the album in the Description box. You can use this field to explain your album, add links to your band's social media accounts, or include any other information. This displays under your album image or to its right, depending on the width of your main content area.

Tracks hinzufügen

To upload music to your Album:

  1. Hover over the Album page preview and click Add Track to open an Edit Track window.
  2. Füge im Tab Inhalt deine MP3- oder M4A-Audiodatei (bis zu 20 MB) per Drag-and-drop hinzu.
  3. Click on the Share tab to choose which social media accounts you want to update when you publish the track.
  4. Click Save to save the track to your album as a draft, or Save & Publish to make the track live on your site.

Track information and settings

Track titles populate automatically and must be 200 characters or fewer. Within a track's settings, you can add an artist, description, and custom URL for the track. The track description won't display anywhere on your site.

To edit a track, click on it in the left panel. This opens a Track Settings window where you can update the track's information and share the track to social media.

You can use Categories and Tags to organize albums and help visitors find tracks that interest them. To learn more, visit Categories and tags.

Share your album

To share tracks from your album on your social accounts:

  1. Click on a track in the Album panel to open a Track Settings window.
  2. Klicken Sie auf den Tab Social Media.
  3. Click the social accounts you want to push to, then switch the Push toggle on.
  4. Click the Content tab and ensure the track's status is set to Published.
  5. Klicken Sie auf Speichern.

When visitors click the post on your social account, it will take them to your Album Page. Visitors can share your album on their social accounts by clicking the Share button below the album description.

Organize your album

Rearrange tracks

Change the order of tracks in an album by clicking and dragging them in the Album panel.

Move tracks between albums

If you have multiple Album Pages, you can move a track from one Album Page to another. To learn more, visit Moving collection items between pages.

Delete tracks 

To delete a track from your album, hover over a track and click the trash can icon. You can also click Delete in the Content tab of item settings.

Edit Album Settings

To open Album Settings, hover over the Album Page title and click . Here are a few of the settings you can change:

  • Page Description - In the General tab, this description will be indexed by search engines and can help improve SEO. For more help, visit Adding search engine and page descriptions.
  • Banner/Thumbnail Image - In the Media tab, you can add the same image as your album art or use another image. Depending on your template, it may be used as a banner image. For more help, visit Adding thumbnail images.
  • Manage Categories/Tags - In the Advanced tab, you can remove or rename tags and categories for the Album Page.
  • To learn more about your Album Page's settings, visit Page settings.

Style the Album Page

To customize your Album Page's fonts and buttons, click Design in the Home Menu, then click Site Styles.

  • Klicken Sie auf einen beliebigen Bereich der Seite in der Vorschau, um nur die für diesen Bereich verfügbaren Stil-Anpassungen anzuzeigen und den Rest auszublenden.
  • If you have multiple Album Pages, style changes will apply to all of them to create a consistent look.
  • Your template may support additional features, such as banner images or page headers, that affect how the Album Page looks.

All templates have the same Album Page style tweak options:

  • Album Text Color - Set the color of the track names and lengths
  • Hide Album Share Link - Hide or display the Share button

The artist name and album description text follow your site's body font style. The album title follows the Heading 1 font. The names of these tweaks vary by template.

Bei den meisten Templates entspricht der Sharing-Button entweder dem Stil des Textkörpers oder der Textkörperlinks. In der Skye-Familie ändert die Anpassung der Labelfarbe die Farbe des Sharing-Buttons.


Can I use Album Pages for podcasting?

No. To create a podcast, add a Blog Page and create a new post with an Audio Block for each podcast episode. To learn more, visit Podcasting with Squarespace.

Can I sell my tracks on Album Pages?

No. To sell music or other audio files, upload and sell them as digital products using our Commerce platform.

Can visitors download tracks from Album Pages?

Visitors may be able to download tracks by right-clicking (or Control + clicking on Mac) on a track and opening it in a new window or tab. We recommend using an Audio Block and enabling a Download link if you want visitors to directly download music from a page on your site.

Is there a track limit?

Yes. Each Album Page can hold up to 60 tracks.

Can I add more than one album to an Album Page?

No. Only one album can be added to an Album Page. To create another album, add another Album Page.

Can visitors comment on Album Pages?

No. Comments can only be added to Blog Pages. If you want visitors to comment on tracks, upload them as Audio Blocks on a blog post instead.

Can I add Album Pages to my Index?

Yes, depending on your template. You can add Album Pages to Indexes in these template families:

  • Flatiron
  • Montauk
  • Pacific
  • Supply
  • Tremont
  • York
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